Using technology to stay in touch with grandkids

My grandchildren, unfortunately, don’t live next door.  They don’t even live in the same state.  Two live in Arlington, VA and one lives in Sunny Isles, FL.  I try to see them as much as possible but sometimes a few months go by and I haven’t been able to make an in-person visit.  I’d like to change that in the near future but since my children don’t plan on moving I think I’m going to have consider relocation.  But technology helps soften the blow of physical separation.

This morning I was able to skype with my grandson in Arlington (and his parents of course) and my granddaughter in Sunny Isles, along with her dad.  My one-and-a-half year-old grandson held up his favorite book, asking me to read it.  If only I had a copy of that book, we could have read it together.  I’m going to remedy that fairly quickly.

What a blessing.  It’s not as good as being there and holding them (well that may be an overstatement –they really are much too squirmy these days).  But I still get to see them and watch all the new things they’re doing.

We haven’t tried facetime with our iPhones yet but that’s next on the list of technology experiments.  I suspect the small screen of the phone won’t have the same impact for the little ones as the larger computer screen.  We’ll see.

Other technology pluses:  I love watching videos of the children.  And having a protected video site either on YouTube or other services is terrific.  My daughter-in-law created a password protected website to post pictures and videos of her little boy.  I wasn’t there to watch him experiment with his first solid food but I did get to watch and treasure the video.  I saw the expression on his face as he thoughtfully tasted the rice cereal.  Not sure that he ever swallowed any that first time but he certainly loved the feel of the cereal in his mouth. That picture was worth a thousand words.

What technology do you use to nurture your relationships with grandkids?

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