Thinking about miracles

DaffodilsI’ve been thinking a lot about miracles recently.  That’s not surprising given that we’ve just celebrated Easter and Passover.  Also it’s not surprising since we are just beginning to experience the miracle of spring here in the Northeast.

Of course, in this age of science, technology and instant communication, the question really is—do any of us—can any of us–believe in miracles anymore?

We hear about THE MIRACLE DIET (lose 40 pounds in 40 days or was that minutes?) and the MIRACLE Detergent (get your whites whiter and your darks darker).  This is either miracle devaluation or miracle inflation.  Devaluation, I think and an indication that advertisers think most of us are really stupid (but that’s a topic for another post).

But are there any real miracles anymore? So much of what people thousands of years ago would have called miracles are now routine thanks to science and technology. Horrible diseases that once killed thousands, if not millions, are conquered or at least held at bay. We have the capacity to feed our planet and end starvation and malnutrition (if human greed and war and hate don’t get in the way).  We know instantly about world events.  Upon reflection these developments are all miraculous.  It’s miraculous that human intelligence and ingenuity continues to explore, invent and create.

So I’m going to drop my cynicism (at least for a while) and look at this miraculous life I have.  I am going to celebrate the miracle of spring.  I’m going to celebrate family and enjoy the miracle of my three wonderful grandchildren. I’m going to take a leap and say there are essential life questions still left for me to answer—questions about God and the afterlife, questions about faith and its meaning today. And finally I’m going to embrace what Albert Einstein said:

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Please share your thoughts. I’d love to hear them.

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2 Responses to Thinking about miracles

  1. Mary Brady Service says:

    Everything is a miracle, but not in the same way. Let me try to explain: we overuse certain words, such as “heroes” (people may and can act heroically, but they are not always heroes). In a similar way, is what we take for granted a “miracle” because so much of our lives seems to be more fragile and endangered? Although I’m not sure that everything is a miracle─much as I’m reluctant to question Albert Einstein─the older I become, the more grateful I am to wake up in the morning and get out of bed without difficulty. Perhaps, that is indeed a miracle. Whatever it is, I am grateful.

    • Helen Hoart says:

      Thanks for your comment. You bring up another important attribute–gratitude. It is so important to remember to be grateful for all our blessings.

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