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Saving $370 at Tour d’Argent

I took my daughter and granddaughter to Paris. I have always wanted to eat at the Tour d’Argent – a famous Michelin-rated restaurant, albeit only one star. But it’s the place to see and be seen and I wanted my … Continue reading

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Grandmothers for marriage equality

I’m starting a movement today—Grandmothers for Marriage Equality. The Supreme Court has ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional and 12 states now allow same sex couples to marry. I’ll get to why I believe grandmothers should work for … Continue reading

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Thinking about miracles

I’ve been thinking a lot about miracles recently.  That’s not surprising given that we’ve just celebrated Easter and Passover.  Also it’s not surprising since we are just beginning to experience the miracle of spring here in the Northeast. Of course, … Continue reading

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What kind of world will our grandchildren inherit?

I was at the gym the other day and overheard a conversation that shocked me.  Two women were talking about the weather forecast and climate change. The forecasters were predicting yet another major and frightening storm. The conversation went something like this: Woman … Continue reading

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