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Grandmothers for marriage equality

I’m starting a movement today—Grandmothers for Marriage Equality. The Supreme Court has ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional and 12 states now allow same sex couples to marry. I’ll get to why I believe grandmothers should work for … Continue reading

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Thinking about miracles

I’ve been thinking a lot about miracles recently.  That’s not surprising given that we’ve just celebrated Easter and Passover.  Also it’s not surprising since we are just beginning to experience the miracle of spring here in the Northeast. Of course, … Continue reading

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Kids watching videos in a restaurant: your opinion please

A friend told me  about an experience that left me with very mixed feelings.  She and her husband took her daughter, son-in-law and 2-year old toddler out dinner.  As soon as they sat down at the table, the daughter whipped … Continue reading

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Let’s end the mommy wars this mother’s day

Let’s end the mommy wars this mother’s day. This past week a Time Magazine cover (at right) showing a 3-year old standing on chair so he  can nurse ignited a fire storm. Wow. It is certainly an arresting if not shocking image and … Continue reading

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New pregnancy trends–babymoons, push presents, maternity pics

There are some new prenancy trends I’ve heard about from my young childbearing friends.  Frankly when I first heard about them I was a bit put off–they seemed over indulgent.  But then I had a long conversation with my daughter.  … Continue reading

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In celebration of being a grandmother

Becoming a grandmother is a celebration of new life and reaffirmation of the choices we made when we started a family. When I held my first grandchild in my arms, she was only hours old.  I felt an incredible connection … Continue reading

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