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Hi, I’m Helen Hoart, grandmother to three wonderful grandchildren. I created Today’s Grandma.com to celebrate the wonder of being a grandmother.  This site and our blog are by grandmothers for grandmothers.  While this blog is aimed at grandmothers, I don’t want to exclude the many adults, like great aunts and uncles and grandfathers, who play important roles in nurturing the next generation.  Comments and guest posts are welcome from everyone.

I hope this blog will be a forum to trade ideas on how to play a special role in our grandchildren’s lives.  It’s a place to share traditions we have with our children and grandchildren and a place to air concerns and hear advice about how to handle them.

New grandparents are most probably boomers, used to having the largest share of the pie.  So now how do we share the pie with our children and grandchildren?

3 Responses to About Today’s Grandma

  1. bailey sterrett says:

    I look forward to your insightful comments on how we can help raise a new generation of resposible adults.

  2. Janet Wikler says:

    This is a wonderful blog, and I’m so glad you are including people, like me, who are grandmothers not by biology but by choice. I feel like a “grandma” to my four wonderful great-nieces as well as to the children and grandchildren of my good friends. All in all, I consider myself to have at least 11 children in my life whom I feel “grandmotherly” about. It would be great to have a strand in the blog for non-traditional “grandparents” like me. I think there are a lot of us out there!

    • Helen Hoart says:

      I would love to have you write a guest blog about the special role great aunts play, as well as the “honorary” grandmothers in so many children’s lives. When I was young, all my granparents had passed away already. But I remedied that by designating a family friend to be one of my grandmothers and my father’s sister to be the other.

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